about me:
disclaimer: the pictures i uploaded are not mine unless stated :]

Hi there sweetie :3 welcome to my blog ! my name is heart and I am 14 years old. I'm just another teenager who has no life but stay on tumblr all day ! yup forever alone bro ! My scorpio is gemini and blowed candles or yet party every july 10th!

I adore clothes, makeup,food, beautiful places, beaches,sunsets, cherry blossoms, starbucks,photography, accessories,luxury homes,god,family,friends, and ofcourse my lovely followers! . I thank my followers , because without them this blog would be a total pft . :"] so enjoy !
Most Asked Questions 1. Will You Check My Blog ? Yes, I will check your blog, but don't be offended if I don't follow you back. 2. Will you follow me back ? I don't follow back by request, but you can ask me to check your blog! 3. Do you do promos ? I don't do promos sorry , it will be not fair :] 4. Who is your inspiration? I look up to lots of wonderful people :) Disclaimer : None of the photos that I uploaded are mine. but they are edit by me. but all rights goes to the rightful owners.